Spanish reactions to conservatives’ victory

Tough times for Spain as austerity will be the rule. Cuts are expected in all social benefits, only pensions will be spared since they benefit 1 out of 5 Spaniards. For political analyst, Arantza de Areilza the public administration will shrink to trim the state deficit to 4,4% next year.

Arantza de Areilza, a professor in IE Business School, said, “They will have to cut the salaries of civil servants by 5% for instance and secondly I think they will reduce the number of civil servant jobs in Spain drastically. They know that they will have to undertake these reforms in the first hundred days. ” Read more…

So the landslide victory for Mr. Rajoy would be a poisoned chalice with unpopular measures that will mean a very short honeymoon with the voters.

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As published in english.cntv.cn on November 22, 2011.


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