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Already looking beyond…

Last weekend flew by! I had someone visiting me with whom I always enjoy and appreciate every second; and so with that person, time accelerates.

We went to Penthouse (an outdoor, rooftop lounge) Friday night and I invited some friends from my previous master at IE, along with some U.S. Navy Seals I know from the American Embassy here in Madrid. It was good to see my old classmates, and the U.S. Navy Seals are a special breed and thus always an exciting change of pace. Saturday night we went to El Mercado San Miguel and to get ice cream. Overall, it was a very relaxing weekend.

I´m trying to stay in Europe and I believe my best bet is London because of the common language. There are a couple of job possibilities there and so I am traveling there this weekend to check everything out. I have only been to London once and I feel it would be good to see and experience the city again.

This week, though, is a terrible week! It´s finals week and we have several essays and finals; and so I better go work…


Summer finally came!

I was told today that applying for jobs was like a job – it is worse! I spend, on average, a few hours a day applying for jobs; and as a consequence, my grades will probably reflect that my focus was elsewhere this semester.

The Madrid sun, heat, and long daylight hours finally arrived and it was long awaited. Summer here is fantastic and we are kicking it off by going to an outdoor lounge this Friday called Penthouse. It´s on top of the roof on a hotel in the center of the city and has an incredible view. Although many people are out of town this week, many others should still show and it will, as always, be nice to see many of us together.

Well, since this is an intense semester, we have presentations rather often, including tomorrow. Thus, I must go prepare for it…


The End of Another Semester

I had an incredible time last weekend in Barcelona. I did a lot: I went to Parque Guell, La Sagrada Familia, the beach, the park, and out to eat several times. I enjoyed every second of it!

I am, however, a little behind since I didn´t work over the weekend and so I spent the past week working to catch up. We only have 2 more weeks in the semester; thus, we are experiencing a busy time with school work.

And in addition to school, applying for jobs is also quite time/energy consuming. Certainly, because of the economic situation, it is not the best time to graduate and to look for a job; but I am confident that there is a fit for me somewhere in some company.


Just another good weekend in Madrid…

I didn´t go to Barcelona last weekend because the price of the hotels were too high since El Clasico (Barcelona vs. Real Madrid) was being played in Barcelona.  I am, however, going next weekend and I´m absolutely ecstatic about this trip.

And I am quite glad I stayed in Madrid over the weekend. Not only are prices in Barcelona much cheaper next weekend, but we had a goodbye party over the weekend for two of my good friends. There were dozens of other close friends attending from several IE programs and from outside of IE as well. It was a pleasure to see everyone together again.

Aside from the goodbye party this weekend, I went out to eat with some friends a couple of times and continued with the job application process. It was both a fun and productive weekend.

This semester is only two months long compared to three months as are the rest; therefore, it is more intense and allows less time for applying for jobs, enjoying Madrid, and also writing in this blog…


Job search…

I started applying for jobs this week. As anticipated, the beginning was slowed by gathering/amending everything needed to submit applications, such as cover letters, transcripts, and the like. I began with consulting companies in Europe and will proceed next to American and more global consulting firms. Also on my list will be the sports industry, investment banking, and particular government positions in the U.S. In all, I´ll be applying to over 40 companies and to locations in the U.S., Western Europe, the Middle East, and also other counties of interest such as Singapore and Colombia. Aside from when applying to places in the U.S., I expect the greatest obstacles to obtaining a job will be language and papers – especially here in Western Europe.

This coming weekend, I´ll be traveling to Barcelona to visit someone and to explore the city. I have never been there before, but I have heard great things about the city and I’m excited to get to know it (and also to take the Ave!).

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