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MIR Alumni Updates!

Written on December 13, 2010 by Ángeles Figueroa-Alcorta in Master in International Relations (MIR), News

Keep up with the latest news about MIR fellow alumni. Take a look at what some of them have been up to lately (where are they working, what are they doing, and what do they want to tell us)…


InésEsteban González (Class of 2010), Coordination and Outreach Unit, Division for the Advancement of Women -UN Women (New York, USA)

Working at the United Nations is a unique experience. I could probably use this tiny space in the blog to briefly describe the duties that I am in charge of at UN Women, the department I work for; underline the incredible step that the creation of this organization has meant for the fight toward gender equality, i.e. human rights, or even highlight the valuable body of professionals that congregate there. However, any experience at the United Nations implies an unbeatable learning process not just at a professional level, but in fact at a more personal one. The truth is that the United Nations as an organization allows you to uncover the best and worst rooted deep inside of our own selves. The UN bluntly faces you with prejudices that you never thought you would have; it pushes you to appreciate how your core beliefs might change over time and even dare to question whether those customs and norms that ruled your life are as universal as you once thought they were. In the end, you get to realize that the merry-go-round on which we all get ourselves on daily, always comes back to its starting point, i.e. back to ourselves and our beliefs. But the ride is still there. To enjoy that ride to the fullest and learn from it is the hardest and most important lesson that all of us who work at the UN take home with us every day. This, however, is not my thought; it is Gandhi’s: “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”


Elizaveta Erokhina (Class of 2009), Global Management Trainee, AB InBev (Moscow, Russia)

The Global Management Trainee Program is for young well educated professionals who love challenges and want to build their own careers. It has a very tough selection process but, once in the program, you know that you can grow fast: “a program that pushes you to prove yourself earlier, so that you can rise faster.” The program is basically about learning the core business of the company. In short, you visit production plants and sales offices around your country, or even different ones. You learn the principals of how beer is brewed and packed on the plant, and how it is sold through the sales offices. During the learning process, you receive various projects from plant managers and sales managers. After successful completion of the program, you choose the professional area where you would like to develop yourself; it may by any department within the company. The higher you grow within the company, the more possibilities you have to build an international career at any of AB InBev offices in 30 countries around the world. As people in our company say, the sky is the limit.

AB InvBev is the biggest international brewing company. It is a good place to start one’s career and it gives many opportunities for future development. Global Induction of GMT program was held in St. Louis, US, where our largest brewing plant is placed. Now I am on my stage in Russia. I visit brewing plants and learn business of the company from the inside. Right at the moment I am on the plant in Volzhsky city. It is great experience and I enjoy my work).


Leila Pinto Campillo (Class of 2010), Director of Business Development, Online Programs, IE Business School (Madrid, Spain)

Leila Pinto has joined IE as Director of Business Development for online programs. In this new responsibility, Leila searches and analyzes potential corporate partners in order to sign collaboration agreements, with the objective to maximize global business opportunities. On addition, she has created Compra en América SL (Spanish for “buy in America”), an import Company in the motor industry, with offices in Madrid and Miami, which facilitates access to American made models not yet available in the European Market. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a Master in Business Administration from Nova Southeastern University in Florida, USA.  Leila has over twelve years of experience in International Banking, having lived and managed projects in the United States, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Panama, as  Head of Private and Corporate Banking for the IF Group in the USA.


Mina Catherine Lakrafi (Class of 2010), Research Analyst, AFA Press (Istanbul, Turkey)

Mina has recently joined AFA-Press as a Research Analyst. Mina works on the field 11 months a year. Moreover, she interacts and interviews top government officials and key business leaders in the country. Her appointment requires extensive research about the business environment in order to stimulate international partnerships and investments. Mina is currently in Istanbul, Turkey, which is Europe’s fastest growing economy. Together with her team, Mina is now working on a report that will be featured in the Guardian British Daily newspaper, and therefore promotes UK-Turkey future relations. AFA-Press specializes in the production of social and economic country reports for some of the world’s most prestigious media, and aims at promoting emerging economies.

Mina has also launched MOB, her own not for profit association in 2009, which is highly and mainly supported by the city council of Paris, her hometown, and major French business Schools like the EDHEC group and ESC. This charity event association is also sponsored, among others, by Youpress, Generation 88, a local radio, and Adidas. Mob aims at supporting events that bring together: ambition, implication, action….and FUN! Mob also helps facilitate development projects by promoting events that combine both initiative and innovation. Mob has recently participated in “the rose des sables” trophy which is a 100% female competition from France to Morocco through Spain. It is an orienteering competition that brings together a driving skills test and support for Moroccan desert children. About 180 participants were involved in the trophy and managed to bring 15 tons of school supply and hygiene products to the Moroccan children! More events are coming soon; we will keep you posted on the blog.

Want to learn more about what other MIR alumni are up to? Take a look!


Payal Mulchandani, Co-Founder and Business Head of The 4th Wheel.


After having spent almost a year in Spain while pursuing the Master in International Relations at IE, Payal started her own venture, “The 4th Wheel”, with two of her friends in her hometown of Ahmedabad, India. The 4th Wheel is a Corporate Social Responsibility Consulting and Research firm.  

About “The 4th Wheel”: Who Are They?

Three women, with a passion for learning, understanding and working for economic, social, and human development decided to enter the exciting world of entrepreneurship. The 4th Wheel brings a contemporary edge to the world of entrepreneurship. We share a passion for excellence and understanding and represent the new generation of social entrepreneurs who love to swim across the tide. Each of the three of us come from a different background and our experiences put together makes “The 4th Wheel” a whole and complete organization ready to tackle the myriad aspects of social enterprising. Out to look at issues which deserve attention and make a difference in the prevailing scenario in the development of the underprivileged and poor, we strive to be agents of change and be a part of that “team‟ (development entities) which will lead to a brighter and better future. Fuelled by innovation and foresight, we are driven to make an impact with our ideas for a wide-scale change. We work together with our strengths and resources to set up an enterprise which focuses on a missing link (the business sector) in the fight for progress and against distress. Businesses have gained immense clout in the prevailing form of capitalism. The role of businesses in facilitating development has long been debated. We have progressed to a society, where businesses are no longer based on the sole motive of profit maximization. There has been an acceptance of the role they can play in making the effects of globalization and business operations, positive and reducing the ill effects by conscious efforts. These efforts in a broad sense are termed as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Corporate Social Responsibility is an evolving concept and is no longer random charity or philanthropy but is now looked as key to business operations, sustainability and development. Read more…

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Take a look at what former MIR students are now doing, where are they living, and how are they contributing to the field of international relations.

MIR Class of 2010 joined by IE Faculty and Staff (July 2010)

Our alumni have gone to experience success in a multitude of careers and pursuits: senior consultants in FDI advisory, international sales executives, trainees at the United Nations, market research, public administration, journalism, education, etc.

Graduates from the Master in International Relations at IE School of Arts and Humanities have accomplished interesting and amazing things, of which we are very proud of. To gain an appreciation of what the Master in International Relations has to offer (field work in Brussels, outstanding faculty, seminars and guest lecturer, career counseling, etc.), we present just a few of our graduates who are making significant achievements in their professional field. Here are some of their stories.

Do you know of any other alumni we have not featured? Please contact us!


Diego de Aristegui (Class of 2009), Consultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers (Beirut, Lebanon)

Vicky Allard (Class of 2010), Associate Director for Business Development, IE University (Madrid, Spain)


Elizaveta Erokhina (Class of 2009), Global Management Trainee, AB InBev (Moscow, Russia)




Eduardo Dominguez Aguilar (Class of 2009), Project Manager, IE University (Madrid, Spain)




Max Lensvelt (Class of 2010), Graduate Programme – Market Intelligence, VESTAS (Aarhus, Denmark)





Mina Catherine Lakrafi (Class of 2010), International Sales Executive, AFA Press (Libya)





Leila Pinto Campillo (Class of 2010), Director of Business Development, Online Programs, IE Business School (Madrid, Spain)




Cepee Tabibian (Class of 2010), Membership Coordinator, Bilateral US-Arab Chamber of Commerce (Houston, USA)






Vanessa Ventresca Lopez (Class of 2010), Marketing Media Analyst, Accenture (Madrid, Spain)




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MIR alumni!


Frank Peterse, Master in International Relations Alumnus

Frank Peterse, a graduate from the Master in International Relations has been recently appointed Senior Consultant at Investment Consulting Associates (ICA) in Amsterdam. You may find the Press Release announcing Frank’s new position here.

ICA is a spin-off from Ernst & Young and an independent supplier of FDI advisory, location selection, and optimization and supply chain optimization using its web based global location benchmarking tool:®. ICA advises multinational corporations in their strategic location decisions, as well as Investment Promotion Agencies in developing specific investment attraction strategies.

Likewise, business schools are increasingly using for their MBA programs to help students solve cases in economic development and corporate investment classes. MBA programs like those offered at St. Gallen, Erasmus Business School in Rotterdam, and Maastricht School of Management are have already implemented this tool. ICA also expects to introduce LocationSelector at IMD and INSEAD.


We extend our warmest welcome to the Class of 2011 of the Master in International Relations! You have joined a vibrant, growing, hard-working, community of students. We are positive that your experience at IE in Madrid will be a challenging and highly rewarding one. We do encourage you to get involved and participate actively in all activities and events offered by the International Relations Club, and we hope that you will contribute to make our newly created blog a solid platform where to exchange ideas and voice your opinions. We hope that you will get the most out of your time at IE. Welcome to Spain!

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