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Women in Control

Written on October 5, 2010 by Administrador de IE Blogs in News

Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany

Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, Party: Christian Democratic Union (CDU), Assumed office: Nov. 22, 2005

  By Suzanne Merkelson, Andrew Swift

 While it’s true that more than 75 percent of parliaments worldwide are more than three-quarters male, in recent years some high-powered female heads of state have bucked the trend. If Dilma Rousseff is elected as Brazil’s first female president, she’ll be joining a small,  but elite, cohort.

 One of Europe’s longest-serving leaders and Germany’s first female chancellor, Angela Merkel has played a key role in the continent’s response to the global recession — and has seen her once-popular chancellorship almost torpedoed by it. Trapped between her German constituents and the demands of the EU during Europe’s worst crisis in decades, Merkel has been forced into unpopular decisions ranging from bailing out Greece to enacting Germany’s new austerity measures. The childless and twice-married Merkel has pushed the CDU in a more socially liberal direction than ever before, offering a modern twist on the tired old “Iron Lady” Margaret Thatcher paradigm for conservative European women.

Just two months after Kevin Rudd stepped aside and left Julia Gillard the head of Australia’s Labor Party and, thus, Australia’s first female prime minister, a tight August election laid her premiership out on the rocks, supported only by a tenuous coalition with the Greens. Her government now must deal with immigration issues and the aftereffects of a mismanaged and potentially corruption-fraught multibillion-dollar stimulus package, while facing challenges from her allies on the left on social issues such as same-sex marriage, which she does not support. Gillard, who has never married or had children (and was once called “deliberately barren” by an opposition member of Parliament), said she would be unable to do her job with a family. “There’s something in me that’s focused and single-minded,” she said. “And if I was going to [have a family], I’m not sure I could have [had a political career].”

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IE International Affairs Club Changes its Name

Written on October 4, 2010 by Ángeles Figueroa-Alcorta in News

We are pleased to announce that the IE International Affairs Club is expanding its scope to include all IE alumni and, in order to reflect this change, the name of the club has been changed to IE International Relations Club. This change will create a great networking opportunity for existing students and alumni to establish contact and to expand their understanding of international relations issues through the club’s events. IE International Relations Club will operate as part of the IE Alumni Association. Nader Bayani will continue his role as President of the new club and Vanessa Ventresca will assume the role of Vice President – Alumni Affairs. 

Meet the Presidents! 


Nader Bayani, IMBA Student, President of the IR Club

Nader Bayani is a current student at the IE Business School IMBA Program (April 2010 intake). Before coming to IE Business School he worked in the high-tech life sciences instrumentation industry in Canada. Nader has travelled extensively and has always been interested in politics and international relations, an interest that made him run for the club presidency in June of 2010. He is the current president of the IE International Relations Club. 

Vanessa Ventresca, MIR Alumna, President of Alumni Afffairs of the IR Club

Vanessa Ventresca graduated from the International Relations Master at IE this past July. Before coming to IE she worked at Accenture in the Marketing Sciences Department for 2 years and her previous experience entails working at the World Trade Center as an International Research Assistant and at the United Nations Association of Greater St. Louis as Executive Director and YPIC Coordinator. The passion to help others, to be engaged in international affairs and to interact with others, made her create the International Relations Clubs at IE Business School where she was president from October 2009 to July 2010. 

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The Lisbon Treaty and the Future of the EU

Written on September 30, 2010 by Ángeles Figueroa-Alcorta in News

The IE International Relations Club cordially invites you to “The Lisbon Treaty and the Future of the EU” Conference that will be held on Thursday, Septmeber 30th at 7:30pm. What will the future hold for the EU?

Location: A-203, María de Molina 13 (IE Business School)

Topic: the future of the European Union after the Lisbon Treaty, the reform of European institutions, and the recognition of new competences to the EU.

Language: Spanish.

Speaker: Marie-José Garot. She is an expert in European Law. She has taught and carried out intense research projects at prestigious universities like the European University Institute of Florence, the European Centre for Public Law (Athens), the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Carlos III University in Madrid, or the Toulouse-le-Mirail University. She has published books, articles, and papers on European integration. In addition to teaching European law, she is also the Director of the Center for European Studies of IE University, aimed to promote European idealism inside and outside IE.

Thinking of attending this event? You may register online here.


Welcome to IE’s International Relations Blog!

Written on September 29, 2010 by Ángeles Figueroa-Alcorta in News

The School of Arts & Humanities is pleased to welcome you to its official international relations blog. The IR blog is intended to be a place where to share ideas, thoughts, knowledge, and expertise on international relations, political economy, democracy and human rights, foreign policy, and security issues. It is also a place where you will be able to find the latest information on what has been going on at IE, with its faculty members, and students.

The IR blog aims at reaching out to alumni and current students of the Master in International Relations (MIR) at IE School of Arts and Humanities, so that they may reconnect with each other, create new synergies, exchange valuable expertise, and keep track of what other MIR students have been doing.  

This blog is an invitation to extend the vision of all those who are always curious to know more, and who want to share with us their ideas and experiences in the broad range of fields that comprise our environment. It is with great pleasure that I invite you to follow us on IE’s IR Blog, a platform for the exchange of knowledge, ideas, and research proposals. We encourage you to participate actively and voice your opinions about the various topics that we will cover!

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